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LedusWheelus @LedusWheelus Schematics and PCB design, bike wheel lights prototypes assembly, device firmware (AVR Assembler), online image editor (jQuery + HTML5 canvas) and this site (Perl + Mojolicious + PostgreSQL), photos, videos, patterns and everything.

compile4fun @compile4fun Ledus Wheelus software for Mac and PC (HIDAPI + Adobe Air + ActionScript, Ant + Jenkins continuous integration for automated builds).

We're on and youtube. Mailbox — .

Also check this out:
Mojolicious — great Perl web framework, kicks Catalyst's MVC ass :)
Starman — preforking PSGI web server with graceful restarts by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
jQuery — kinda JavaScript Library, actually a million times better
gavrasm Gerd's AVR assembler
BootloadHID USB boot loader (GPLv2, source)
Some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane
jPicker — a jQuery color picker plugin
DragSort — makes HTML DOM elements draggable

Many thanks to these projects for the great ideas and inspiration:
Spoke POV — monochrome Persistence of Vision Toy
Monkeylectric — POV bicycle lighting
RGBike POV — ATmega328p based lights
Ian's Spoke POV
Hack a Day section for many more cool projects

Special thanks :)
Matt's collection of Bike Hacks
London Fixed-gear and Single-speed cycling community